Problem Comments
2017-10-23 00:50:51dktransform1377Problem p64820
overrated problem.
2017-10-23 00:06:33midn1ght1660Problem p14435
The obvious move is correct
2017-10-22 23:31:21grom431836Problem p53395
If 4...Kf6 5 Rf7#. 4...Kf5 5 g4+ (idea Qxg6+) 4...Kg4 5 Qxg6+ and I do not see the forced win after 4...Kf4 but I'm sure it's there. White Q can check from g5, g3, f3 and white R from f7 or d4. Got to be a mate in there somewhere.
2017-10-22 01:54:43mnostrant1429Problem p53395
I don't see the forced win
2017-10-21 21:49:42midn1ght1660Problem p22190
"Problem taught me that i'm dense." LOL. Qa7 for me too!
2017-10-21 21:45:53midn1ght1660Problem p15539
I was worried about g4 next, but then Rg6.
2017-10-21 21:33:31midn1ght1660Problem p18587
@chessisajedrez is right: e6 is mate in 3, Qf6 is mate in 6 (crafty only rates it +0.83 below). Not fair.
2017-10-21 19:35:45lbtr74aao1274Problem p25072
4 years after is always a bad prob
2017-10-21 00:47:34midn1ght1660Problem p03480
2017-10-20 17:17:21nune1588Problem p52826
Asks you the same question twice! If Ne2 is right the first time, how can it be wrong the second?
2017-10-19 23:02:16grom431836Problem p24218
good point @luffyanderssen
2017-10-19 22:58:06grom431836Problem p63227
me three
2017-10-19 22:36:00grom431836Problem p54755
2017-10-19 22:34:43grom431836Problem p45633
Ah, in that line 2.Qh3 seems just as good which is why this problem cannot extend.
2017-10-19 22:33:14grom431836Problem p45633
Obviously, Black must recapture w Bg7 when 2.Qh4 wins. If 1.Qh4 right away, it looks as though White still wins. But not as forcing.
2017-10-19 22:25:00grom431836Problem p18586
Wait, what, Crafty? I play Rxd5 without any hesitation or doubt. How is Nb6 better? That is how I found Nd7+ to start anyway. For the extra move available to N-fork K+R.
2017-10-19 22:20:38grom431836Problem p63218
Actually...3...Ke8 4 Qc6+ Rd7 and now 5 Qa8+ seems equal to 5 Qc8+ (unless I'm missing something obvious) with Bb5# to follow. No Bf1, but the Be2 could also mate on 3...Kc8 next move. Not a bad stopping place given the complications.
2017-10-19 21:58:15grom431836Problem p33067
4.Rd3! and not 4.Ba2+? or 4.Rc1+?! I also played 2.Be2 today. Nice problem.
2017-10-19 20:35:54azizazadeh1247Problem p40281
macdevos has got it perfect. 4.Rab1! is key to white's attack, since if 4.Rf3 right away, black has 4...Qxa1+ 5.Kh2 Qe1! 6.Rg3+ Qxg3+ 7.Kxg3
2017-10-19 09:55:46sqipeter1448Problem p28063
1 star because it's aborted before actual 'pointe'.
2017-10-19 01:37:04midn1ght1660Problem p15223
1693.7 - slow but steady :)
2017-10-18 23:58:38azizazadeh1247Problem p28922
I think I calculated all the relevant lines, but simply couldn't evaluate the resulting positions correctly and made the wrong choice (exf5). It's most frustrating when it is your judgement that fails. It makes your guts hurt.
2017-10-18 10:12:55kanister1530Problem p40047
adding a threat (2)
2017-10-18 10:11:49kanister1530Problem p50438
2017-10-18 10:11:25kanister1530Problem p25812
weak back rank (2)
2017-10-18 10:10:06kanister1530Problem p14864
removal of obstacles, fork
2017-10-17 00:56:16midn1ght1660Problem p13950
Or, "snap-forward".
2017-10-17 00:54:03midn1ght1660Problem p32038
@floreatdunum said it best. But GB rates only on difficulty.
2017-10-16 17:23:07midn1ght1660Problem p35313
After Rxc6 dxc6, axb4 wins.